Rahattomat ry


Isännnäntie 1 E, 40740 JYVÄSKYLÄ

Open Tuesday-Thursday: 10 am – 2 pm

           Friday: 9am - 11am



Phone 046 5681509 / Ari

email: toimisto(at)rahattomat.fi

Contact Information:

Rahattomat ry was founded December 2014 to help and assist those with financial issues and difficulties. We are voluntary, non-profit organization with no political or religious ties. Our work is based on peer support principle; if you are struggling with financial difficulties, we try to provide you with all help we can. Rahattomat ry does NOT lend nor donate money! Instead, you’ll get assistance in computer/Internet use, filling in various type of forms or if you just want ears to listen, get in touch with us. So, if you feel you could use some of our help, please feel free to contact us boldly! Let’s then try to sort out the best way possible for YOUR situation.


Greetings, the Rahattomat ry crew.